We are celebrating our 35 YEARS of existence in 2024.

As an enthusiastic crowd we're always on the search for new talented amateur players!
We warmly welcome any nationality over the age of 16 , with indoor football experience. ("Gustibus et coloribus non disputandum")

BEI was formed and founded in July 1989 and counts players from different nationalities.
Our team is playing in the 2nd division of the VZVB.

Our HOME games are performed in the Sports HALL in Wezembeek-Oppem ( located 2KM from the "Stockel Square Metro" (Also 1km from the terminus of the tram 39 and 44 coming from Montgomery).

So why not join us?
We also guarantee you a lively social side of the game.
If you would like to play Indoor football competition (five a side) for one of the biggest amateur clubs in Brussels

Just give us a call on +32 (0)471 469 480 or send an e-mail to Pascal@Bell.Brussels or President@Brussels-European.be

BRUSSELS EUROPEAN has enjoyed rich traditions over the years in Multicultural gathering in and around Brussels and is growing traditions such as in football.
We presently have 14 active members and players participating in the regional football competition around Brussels, and we have more than 100 ex players now working all over the world that are carrying out the proud of our Club.
With the local and the expat input we’ll be assuring plenty exciting indoor football seasons for many years to come!

Good sportsmanship and weekly happy friend’s reunions are an essential part of all of the BRUSSELS EUROPEAN teams.
It is our goal to have BRUSSELS EUROPEAN indoor recognized for its sense of fair play, outstanding efforts, and character.
I’m also very confident that our players, club members, supporters and spectators uphold these values at all of our games and events.

I’m sending my Special thanks to everybody; the field responsible, all players, the team Captain, the treasurer, the Club secretary and assistants, who have ever been involved with our club for supporting our teams and assisting the football games at all levels.

I couldn’t have managed to run this club without your solidarity, your friendship and hard work, which continues to grow participation and brings BRUSSELS EUROPEAN INDOOR to new levels in our football community life each year.

Finally, I want to thank all of the fans for supporting BRUSSELS EUROPEAN INDOOR and look forward to seeing them on the field as on the sidelines!


President Brussels European Indoor

PS* For those who just found out about us;
We are happy the invite interested players to join us for various tasks.

Our home game are scheduled every second Friday, for the full schedule, please click on calendar.  and Look for REEKS 2 A


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